Correct output of a working 21143-TD CardBus card (e.g. Linksys)

Steve Morvai
Fri Feb 5 00:32:12 1999

>Here is the current output, right this very minute, of the Linksys 21143 I'm
>using to post this message. Needless to say, "it works for me".
> ...
> Donald Becker, frustrated hacker.
  Don, I take it that you are not using the Linksys 10/100 Cardbus card
on a Toshiba laptop, thanks ...

  It appears that the driver media detection has trouble on laptops
based on the Toshiba ToPIC Cardbus controlers that leads to the
transmitter hanging. Looking at Donald Becker's site with the options


When loaded as a module the following variables may be set: 

 name    type   description
 debug   int    The debug message level, 0 (no messages) to 6 (wordy).
 options int[]  The media type override and card operation settings.
                (See below.)  Add 16 or 0x10 for full duplex.

Valid media types are: 

        0 Auto-select (default to the 10baseT link)
        1 10base2
        2 AUI
        3 100baseTx
        4 10baseT-FD
        5 100baseTx-FD
        6 100baseT4
        7 100baseFx
        8 100baseFx-FD
        9 MII 10baseT
        10 MII 10baseT-FD
        11 MII (autoselect)
        12  10baseT (no autoselect), v0.69 and later only
        13 MII 100baseTx
        14 MII 100baseTx-FD
        15 MII 100baseT4

Notes: Not all cards can have their media type set with 'options'. Many
cards support multiple media types with a single MII transceiver, and
must always be set to
an MII type (preferably 11, but other values 9-15 advertise only a
single capability). 

An example of loading the Tulip module is insmod tulip.o tulip_debug=1
options=0,16 This sets the debug message level to minimal messages, sets
the first card to
the auto-sense the media type, and the second to forced-full-duplex.
(Note: card ordering is set by the motherboard's PCI BIOS.) 

  Assuming you know the media that you will be attaching the card to,
the module can be inserted specifying the type as the options parameter
or it can be built into the tulip v0.90k driver by adding the compiler
arguement "-DTULIP_DEFAULT_MEDIA=4" (10baseT-FD) for example. Not a fix,
but at least a way to get it working until the problem is found.

  Steve Morvai, pissed-off hacker.