tulip.c on AXP MIATA w Kernel 2.2

Christophe Level Christophe.Level@digital.com
Mon Feb 1 06:04:39 1999


	No, I only got one on the DEC DPWS 433AU.

	I have fixed the problem by installing the latest driver tulip.c
(v0.90 10/20/98) found at 

	Thanks anyway for your help,


	From: 	Mogens Kjaer[SMTP:mk@crc.dk]
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	To: 	Christophe Level
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	Subject: 	Re: tulip.c on AXP MIATA w Kernel 2.2

	"christophe.level@digital.com"@snails.enet.dec.com wrote:
	> Jan 28 15:46:43 bar kernel: eth1: region already allocated at

	Hm, eth1... Do you have more than one tulip card in the machine?


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