Stephen Host
Thu Dec 23 16:32:43 1999

eth1: 21041 transmit timed out, status fc260010, CSR12 000052ca, CSR13
 CSR14 fffff7fd, resetting...

^^  i hate this =)

Basically, i've had this for a long time , and only now realized i need to
fix it. It's become real problematic: the re-set takes the card off-line
for about 5 seconds or so.. and i'm running a dedicated server behind the
line and when traffic is consistant (it's a quake 3 server) it does this
quite often.. so often it impeds the server to the point where it's not

Eth1 is my internal LAN port. I have 3 D-Link 21041 cards in my box. They
work fine except for this little nasty thing. =)

ANy ideas? Hints? I have kernel 2.2.10 and in my source tree i seem to
have installed the latest driver.

Thanks for your time

Steve Host - Engineering Systems & Computing Student, University of Guelph -