Odd bug when using tulip v0.91g on a LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 card

Marc N. McGarry mmcgarry@vt.edu
Sun Aug 8 02:18:53 1999

Hello, I'm using the development 0.91g version of the tulip driver, and
I've been noticing a very odd thing happening. Whenever I send data from
this card, it randomly (as far as I can tell) cuts 2 characters within the
file and moves them forward a character before replacing them. The card
receives data with no problems though. I apologize if this bug (if it even
is one) has been reported yet, as I haven't had time to go through the
mailing list archives. If anyone could direct me to a possible solution I
would be very greatful. Thanks,
	Marc McGarry
	Marc N. McGarry