Bug In v0.89 tulip.c

Jason Ledbetter jason@colltech.com
Mon Oct 5 09:13:31 1998

> It should still detect the correct media type if you have a 10baseT cable
> plugged in.

That's correct.. just noticed it exhibiting that behavior. 

... However .. and i should have mentioned this in the beginning, I'm
unable to get a link light between the 2114[2,3] and anything else. I only
have a 3C589D and Megahertz XJ10BT on 2 laptops to test with... They can
talk happily to each other w/ a crossover 10bT cable but not to this box
under Linux. If I boot 98 on this Presario, they can talk fine[1].

Thoughts? I'm fairly sure everything is configured properly...but I'll go
back over it again for sanity sake. =)



[1] They were able to do so 2 days ago. I'll rebuilt the 98 partition
again tonight and verify that is still the case.