Cry for help!

Robert Burton
Mon Dec 14 10:27:51 1998


"Corbett J. Klempay" wrote:
> The machine works ok if just one card is installed...but if both are in,
> it gives these whack CSR messages like:
> eth0: The Transmitter stopped! CSR5 is 2678016, CSR6 is 816e2002
> eth1: The Transmitter stopped! CSR5 is 2678016, CSR6 is 812e2202
I would get this message on boot up with my RedHat Linux 5.1 box. The server
is just a Pentium Pro 200, with an ISA NE2000 card, and formerly a Netgear
card (with an actual tulip chip) running the v90 driver, and I also tried the
v88 and v89 (Netgear modified) driver.

> The networking dies under any kind of load (like ping floods or any kind
> of heavier network activity) can be restarted to get it to work
> again, but it just dies again when it gets heavy traffic.

This is basically what happned to mine. Under large FTP transfer 150+ MB files
or doing a backup via Samba the card would grind to a halt.
>         - Try alternate combinations of which PCI slots the cards are
>           seated in
>         - Put the 2 cards in a compute node, where the machine would be
>           running a single UDMA Fireball 6.4; we are worried there's some
>           sketchy interplay involving the Promise (NCR 875-based) SCSI
>           card/BIOS

I tried differnet PCI slots and that didn't do anything.

I then tried without my SCSI card in the server (an Adaptec) and the Netgear
card worked perfectly. Well I can't live w/o the SCSI so I tried a 3Com 905
card I had and with it's latest driver (also by Donald) the 3Com card and SCSI
card have been working great together (for the last few days anyway).

-Bob Burton

Robert Burton                    Literati Information Technology, LLC