Support for Sonic PNIC based PCI card on linuxppc

David L. Britton
Wed Dec 9 11:31:38 1998

I\'ve been wrestling with this code for a couple of days now.  I\'m running
linuxppc (kernel 2.1.127) with the latest and greatest tulip.c available.
My tulip module builds fine, inserts fine.  When I bring up the eth0 
interface, I get interesting 10/100 autonegotiation errors.  I find this
interesting since I\'m hooked up via 10base2.  I had hardcoded the media
type to 1 (10base2 according to the documentation) with an earlier version
of the tulip driver but was getting transmission timed out, reseting... 

Three questions: 

1) Has anyone gotten a PNIC based Sonic PCI board working with linux or linxppc
2) How did you do it?
3) What information can I provide to the list that would be helpful in debugging
   this issue?

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