Linksys EtherFast CardBus 10/100 PC

Bob Carosso
Mon Aug 10 16:41:10 1998

Thank you, thank you, Donald!
You are a wise and generous net god!
The new version 89K with the change you wrote works great.
Have tried ping, telnet, ftp on a 10baseT network.
Will try 100baseTx later.

Best regards,

Bob Carosso

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From: Donald Becker
Sent: Monday, August 10, 1998 3:40 PM
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Subject: Re: Linksys EtherFast CardBus 10/100 PC

But it really only works with my private version.  Make the following   
change at line 1320 of 0.89K:

 - tp->csr6 = 0xC20E0000;
+ tp->csr6 = 0x820E0000;

[Bob Carosso]  [...]

The driver problem took me a long time to track down.  Unlike most other
21143 implementations, the card will not work in reduced-power mode.  It
appears that the MII transceiver requires that an external clock signal
remain stable in order for the Rx section to work.  So the chip must be
in full-power mode even when idle.

[Bob Carosso]  Is this why the card is so hot all the time?
Or is it just because the slots are next to the disk drive?