Tulip card in PPC

Randy Carpenter rcarpen@celt.network1.net
Fri Aug 7 09:18:35 1998

> > If you have a true Digital card try the de4x5.c driver.  That driver was 
> > originally written for the Digital cards only.  Also try upgrading to
> > 0.89I

Hmm.. I have an apple comm-slot II ethernet card in a Powermac 6500,
running LinuxPPC.  It has a 21041 (In fact it is the exact same chip as is
on my SMC EtherPower card) The only driver I can get to work is the de4x5
driver, which will lock up if you try to ftp or nfs any significant amount
of data.  The tulip driver justs locks the entire machine when loaded... 
This is the driver that comes with 2.1.103 kernel.  Is there any better
support for PPC in the latest tulip drivers?