Problem Located: Bug Report Tulip Version > 0.77 *FAILS*

Karl Vogel
Fri Aug 7 03:42:25 1998

After finding out that 0.87P worked and 0.88 didn't, I was able to locate
the offending line. The problem appears to be in the t21142_timer
function, because if I change the tulip_tbl[] entry back to use the old
tulip_timer function, then my card works without a problem!

{PCI_DEVICE_ID_DEC_TULIP_21142, "Digital DS21142/3 Tulip", 256, 0x0801fdff,
  HAS_MII | HAS_MEDIA_TABLE, t21142_timer },

                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^ when changed to tulip_timer, the
                                          driver works again!

I have browsed over the source a bit, but I must admit that my
understanding of it is very limited. Maybe somebody else will have more


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