[scyld-users] NASTRAN: Compute Node question

Chivukula, Krishna CIV 470000D 476200D krishna.chivukula at navy.mil
Tue Oct 9 14:07:56 PDT 2007


We are trying to run NASTRAN on a Scyld beowulf cluster. The license
authorization is provided by a Windows server on the same subnet. 

- No problem if the job runs on the master node. Problem is I can only
run it on the master node...

- Job will not run on a compute node. I use the following command.

 mach 37% bpsh 5 nast_perl

(nast_perl is a perl script that runs nastran by executing 
system "nastran scr=yes nastran_example.bdf"
inside the script.

The compute node is unable to get license authorization. The message
looks this:
MSC.Nastran V2005.0 (AMD Linux 2.4.21-40.EL.301u0030smp) Tue Oct  9
13:36:59 2007

*** USER FATAL MESSAGE (pgm: nastran, fn: validate_authorize)
    authorize=1700 at xxx.xx.xxx.xx     (Env: MSC_LICENSE_FILE)

    Host "xxx.xx.xxx.xx" is unknown in this network.

The xxx.xx.xxx.xx is the license server on the network. The idea is not
to run Nastran in parallel mode (or a multi threaded version of it),
just run a single instance of it on a compute node. The master node has
no problem.

I am not much of an admin. But it probably useful to mention the
/etc/nsswitch.conf is configured as:

bootparams: nisplus [NOTFOUND=return] files
ethers: files bproc beo
netnasks: files
networks: files
protocols:files bproc beo
rpc: files
services: files bproc beo

Any pointers on what I should look for?
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