[scyld-users] wireless card support

Gardner Pomper gardner at networknow.org
Thu Jul 1 10:03:12 PDT 2004

I am putting Scyld on my laptop as the controller of my test cluster. I
will be using the wired Ethernet port for the cluster, and a wireless
link to the rest of the network. I currently have a Linksys WPC54G
wireless card, but I don't see a linux driver for that. Apparently there
is some stuff about ndiswrappers, but they mention a kernel module, so I
am not sure if it is appropriate for Scyld.
Anyway, my question is: what is the easiest way to get WiFI support in
Scyld. I am perfectly willing to go buy a different card if that makes
it more painless.
-          Gardner
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