[scyld-users] Scyld-Beowulf 2 server cluster on RH Linux 8.x with Raid + Hotspare + IC-Radius/FreeRadius + MySQL.

Marnix Petrarca Marnix at GBNetworks.com
Fri Jan 3 13:48:01 PST 2003

Hi All,

forgive me if this cross-over question is partly due elsewhere - I really 
do need some assistance here, or advice at least. Flame me at your leisure!

I have the following setup in mind: I just ordered the basic Scyld-Beowulf 
CD from Linux Central to start testing next week, and I have inquired a 
number of quotes for a 2-server mountrack situation, with RAID-1/5+ 
Hotspare configuration, on SCSI (probably Adaptec) RAID-controllers and 
drives. I am planning to run Red Hat Linux 8.x as an OS, on which I 
presumably can install all the necessary Scyld RPM's, or at least update 
the software that comes with the (2001?) Scyld CD from linux Central.

The plan is to run a 2-server fail-over config running as a primary daemon 
either FreeRadius or IC-Radius, which processes I plan to manage with the 
cluster software from scyld. If it can be done I do not know - but the docs 
suggest it may. The Radius will obviously do accounting and Authorisation / 
Authentication for Radius clients coming from our link, and I will have a 
MySQL database on both servers that will replicate the data involved.

Now I'm not the expert here, and would love any comments or pointers you 
may want to give me - I am sideposting on all kinds of lists right now with 
various questions, but the more the better I guess. I will feedback my 
experience to anyone who may be interested, or write a readme afterwards. 
If that means I am trying to re-invent the wheel, please let me know.

thanks so much folks!


Marnix Petrarca
DaemonLabs.com / Galaxy
The Netherlands

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