[realtek] Re: realtek 8139 problems

Cem Kizil sercesme12 at yahoo.com.au
Tue Feb 8 14:18:20 PST 2005

both cards are in the system at once, eth0 is 10Mbps rtl-8029, eth1 is rtl8139
My windows box is 
My network setup is just P-2-P, just my windows box and my linux box.
output of ifconfig is spot on, my 10Mb card at, no errors, and no packets dropped, zero collisions; exact same output for my rtl8139 except for ip address (

route -n output:   

Destination            Gateway          Genmask          Flags         Metric          Ref         Use          Iface      U       0         0         0            eth0      U       0         0         0            eth1         U       0         0         0            lo 

no irq problems with two nic's, eth0 using 11 and eth1using 9. But on system startup it says my serial bus controller irq is 11, same as eth0's irq. but doubt very much thats problem because nic still functions with no problems. Nothing else uses irq 9.

My 10Mb card works fine, both when the rtl8139 is connected in system and when removed. 
8139 doesn't work when 10Mb card is connected in system; but works when 10Mb card is removed.
not sure what flags, ref, use is, any definitions will be greatly appreciated. 




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