[realtek] RealTek 8139B problem

Ryan Mak ryanmak at ameritech.net
Tue Dec 14 10:18:29 PST 2004


I am experiencing a problem with my built-in RealTek
8139B NIC on my ECS P6STP-FN motherboard running
redhat 8.0 with the 2.4.20 kernel. My problem is that
when I try to access a mount via NFS...the 1514 byte
READDIR reply packet checksum fails. Given that all
the other NFS clients on my netowrk work with the
exception of this one, this leads me to believe
there's something flaky about this NIC or that I am
simply out of date on my RTL8139 driver or missing
some special trick to get pass this problem. Any
feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. I have
tried both the 8139too driver and currently using the
one on the www.scyld.com site.


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