[realtek] Downloading the drivers

Manuel A. García Maceda garcia@cimat.mx
Thu Feb 6 19:58:03 2003


Sorry if this is not the list to ask, but I'm trying to download
netdrivers-3.1-1.src.rpm, rtl8139.c, pci-scan.c, pci-scan.h, and
kern_compat.h from ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/ but no matter what I do,
I can't get them, nor a listing from the server.  I tried with IE 6,
Netscape, Mozilla, command line, cuteftp, PASV and Port modes, etc., but
there is some kind of error, the last one I got is:

		227 Entering Passive Mode (66,93,58,83,145,87)
STATUS:>  	Connecting ftp data socket
		425 Security: Bad IP connecting.
ERROR:>   	Server can't open data connection.
		421 Timeout. Pay attention.
ERROR:>   	Trashed response received.

Any idea what's wrong? or where can I get the files from?, I search several
ftp search sites without any success.

I'm trying to setup a notebook with a SinglePoint PC Card (CNet CNF401).

Thank you in advance for your help.

Manuel A. García Maceda