[realtek] rtl8139 supported flash chips

Daniel Dent ddent@ddent.net
Fri Oct 25 02:07:01 2002


I have done much googling and archive searching and
specification reading and I have yet to find the information
I am seeking.  As I understand, rtl8139 revision B or later
based cards have the capability to flash chips that you put
in them.  This is excellent to me.  It will make building
diskless workstations an awful lot easier.

I have found the following list as chips which are supported
by their flash utility/the linux utility.  Unfortunately,
they only seem to be partial part numbers (see list below).
I'm not sure how the end is supposed to go.  I've read I
need 120ns or faster.  I believe I need a 28-pin dipp
socket.  I'm not sure if either of these are true, and I
don't know what part numbers that translates into.  As well,
I'm hoping to find out if there are any other chips which
work.  Are patches to the flashing program needed/already
done by someone? What sizes are supported?  I believe I only
need 16/32k.  I'm not sure how easy that size is to find.
I also don't know how large I can go/what the disadvantages
are doing so (I've seen somewhere that it takes up system
ram).  Are the programming capabilities the same on the
dfe-538tx?  I have no problems using the linux tools instead
if the realtek ones don't support it (in fact, I would
prefer to do so in some ways).

Huge list of questions... I hope someone knows the answers
and is willing to help.  It would be very much appreciated.


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