[realtek] Problem with realtek8139.

[Removed at request of poster]
Wed Oct 23 06:14:00 2002

Dear people of scyld,

I have a problem concering, my realtek ethernet card
(RTL8139D) with wol (wake on lan) capacity. The
problem is my linux drivers (I found out) for this
realtek shuts down the possibility of waking up my
computer in the bios. There is a tool to undo this
called ethtool (downloaded from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/gkernel/). When I put
the following line in my init.d in /etc/rc.d (in the
slackware distribution I am running, with kernel
2.4.18, it is called rc.local):

ethtool -s eth0 wol umbg

the computer does wake up remotely but within
approximately 7 or 8 minutes my computer restarts

What is the problem???

Could u help me please?

greetings and thank u in advance

[Removed at request of poster]
Member Of Computational Chemistry,
At the Vrije University of Amsterdam.

By the way I haven't got the latest 8139too-driver
installed. I just have the driver installed that came
with the kernel. If this is the problem, is it
possible u give me the instructions for compiling this
fragment into the kernel???

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