[realtek] more RTL8100B

Orlando Andico orly@mozcom.com
Wed Oct 9 00:25:01 2002

I've also tried the combination eth0=eepro100, eth1=rtl8139 and it 
works exactly as before (eth0 can see the network, eth1 cannot). However 
there are some additional "eth1: Transmit timeout" and "eth1: RTL8139 
Interrupt line blocked" errors.

IRQ10 is used by eth0, and IRQ11 by eth1. "rtl8139-diag" says it sees one 
RTL8139 at 0xc000. /proc/ioports claims one RTL-8139/C/C+ at 0xc000 - 
0xcfff and an Intel 82801BA/BAM/CA/CAM Ethernet Controller at 0xc400 - 

Orlando Andico <orly@mozcom.com>
Mosaic Communications, Inc.