[realtek] RTL8100B support

Orlando Andico orly@mozcom.com
Tue Oct 8 05:01:01 2002

I have a "Sinetic I-Net PC 1000" appliance. This one:

It has an RTL8100B onboard. Linux (well the RedHat 7.3 default kernel) 
detects BOTH an RTL8139 (8139too driver) and an Intel EtherExpress Pro 
10/100 (well on the i815e ICH2 chip).

I notice that both modules have to be loaded for the ethernet interface to 
work (I am supposing the RTL8100B is so dumb that it only provides 
physical layer, and the ICH2 chip provides the Ethernet layer?)

The problem is that, only one of the ethernet jacks works. The other one 
does not (I can't ping either eth0 or eth1 from a remote machine if the 
eth0 jack is unconnected).

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

Orlando Andico <orly@mozcom.com>
Mosaic Communications, Inc.