[realtek] Realtek 8139 configuration

nitin kumbhar nitin kumbhar" <nkumbhar@rediffmail.com
Thu Oct 3 04:56:02 2002

Hello folks,
  Where can i get Realtek 8139 chip details(from programers 
of view)? i perticularly want to know Registers, flags among the 
involved in Reveive mode configuration (Rx_mode).
  i want to configure the network card according to my needs
(Receive Broadcast/multicast frames only, frames from a perticular 
ethernet address etc.) from linux kernel(2.4.x). i want to switch 
such receive modes dynamically. How can i get this?

  please cc to me at nkumbhar@rediffmail.com as i am not a
member of mailing list.

         Thanks for the help in advance.

Nitin Kumbhar