[realtek] Problems with D-link 538tx

Alessandro Silvestro digital_controls@yahoo.it
Mon Nov 25 06:20:01 2002

I have bought 2 d-link 538tx.
One is running with windows xp ( the first one ) and
everything is ok.
The other one is running with mandrake 9.0 ( the
second one ) and it's not working.
I can see the card with draknet and I can see that the
module rtl8139 is loaded and I can assigned it an ip
address. I'm able to ping the same address, but I'm
not able to ping the windows pc.
All the hardware, card included, is working, because
if I boot the second pc with windows xp as well, it is
able to ping the first windows xp pc.
The problem is only software.

Anyone has some suggestion to help me?

Thanks a lot in advance


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