[realtek] RTL8139 VERY problematic with bridge code

Orlando Andico orly@mozcom.com
Tue Nov 12 01:14:00 2002

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Orlando Andico wrote:
> Basically if I have an RTL8139 (Dlink DFE-583Tx) set up as a bridge, it
> has HUGE latencies (e.g. 2500ms on a cross-connected interface!) this
> problem doesn't show up when the card is used as a plain-vanilla
> non-bridge. The problem exists with both "rtl8139" and "8139too" drivers
> (I'm using the latest). I'm using kernel 2.4.20pre9 with leynert's
> bridge-nf-0.07 patch.

as an addendum.. after reboot it's still NOT ok. but if the bridge has NO 
TRAFFIC passing through it (basically just acting as a "redundant 
ethernet") then there is no latency issue.

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