[realtek] I need some help with Realtek 8139x ethernet card and remote-boot eeprom chip

Marcos.Nobre@stj.gov.br Marcos.Nobre@stj.gov.br
Thu May 23 13:30:01 2002

Hi all.

I bought 4 "ESL832" ethernet cards with "rtl8139x" chipset
and need to make these cards activate terminals from remote boot.

I went to the Etherboot  site and caught the rtl8139.rom file to insert
in one eeprom chip.

After to have done everything correctly, none of those cards starts
a booting process well (in the truth nothing it functions).

The same procedures had been made with 3 other cardas (that has
"davicom..." chipset) and all are functioning perfectly

Is there any registered mal funcioning with adding eeprom-chip to
enable remote-boot with this (RTL8139) chipset ?

Thanks in advance.

Marcos Nobre