[realtek] doubt on RTL8939 capabilities

VINAY VINAY vinaybng@yahoo.com
Tue May 14 06:18:01 2002

Hello to all,
             I need to use a RTL8139 ethernet card
between my PBX and PC to do call processing through
Command? LAN. THe PBX is a DSP based one and I am
interfacing it directly to the ethernet engine(RTL
chip).If I don't want to use the TCP/IP protocol stack
to pass on the info between PBX and my application on
PC, is it possible to just encapsulate my data from
PBX with ethernet and send it across LAN???
 How do I handle these packets (ie. sequentially)?
    R&D Engineer
    Unified Gateways(I)Pvt Ltd


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