[realtek] Suse 7.2 ?

Michel REGARDIN michel73@club-internet.fr
Thu Mar 7 02:01:01 2002


I installed Suse Linux 7.2 kernel 2.4.4-4GB on a portable Toshiba
"Satellite 310CDS" with 64MO of ram.

I have a card pcmcia "PEAB-FP32TX" using the chipset rtl8139 and I cannot
compile the file rtl8139.c or realtek_cb. c.  I goods installed the
source of the kernel and of pcmcia_cs.  Furthermore there must be a d'irq
problem for that blocks the cdrom for me.

I did the essay on a Suse 6.3 and that works perfectly?

Question: Suse 7.2 is diminished to see bad?  To you it been forgotten of
the functions?

This is the progress in the recul!

Thank-you of your Michel help.