[realtek] Re: rtl8139 problems

Stephan Brauss sbrauss@optronic.ch
Thu Jun 27 14:02:39 2002


> I recently posted a (attached) message on the rtl8139 site that my network
> connection sometimes drops out (maybe only under high load, not sure).
> Browsing the archives a bit more, I found that you had similar or related
> problems, and did some debugging. Could you let me know the latest state on
> this issue and potentially send me some relevant code? I'd be willing to
> test it out on my system.
Please refer to my answer to Steve McKown (smckown@titaniummirror.com).
Additionally, I applied the patch from Edgar Toerning.
Do you see kernel messages when the connection drops out? (check with 'dmesg')