[realtek] RLT8139 and DHCP?

Kevin Carpenter kevinc@mail.seaplace.org
Sat Jun 22 20:38:01 2002

With Donald's help, I've gotten past the kernel recognizing the imbedded
chip in my ECS L7SOM.

If I boot from a harddrive, all is working fine.  However, I'm trying to 
make this a diskless server.  I've turned debuggin on in /net/ipv4/ipconfig.c
and I see the DHCP type 1 request go out.  My DHCP server sees it as well,
and responds, but alas, ipconfig.c never reports seeing it a return packet.

I've done this before with floppy based systems, but this mobo has PXE
capability, so it seems a shame not to use it.

Any suggestions?
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