[realtek] OT: Packet Driver

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Thu Jun 20 11:21:01 2002

On 20 Jun 2002, cfowler wrote:

> I have got an RTL8139C on a embeded board.  It runs Linux but all my
> flashing tools are DOS based.  I have created a CD that will allow me to
> flash images but I need to be able to read images from the chip and
> write to disk.  I'm looking for a packet driver for DOS and tools that
> will allow me to map a drive letter to a samba drive.  Has anyone done
> this and can help me?

What is the real goal here?
To write the configuration EEPROM or the Flash memory?

The rtl8139-diag program can do both.  The only issue is the Flash write
register offset -- the diagnostic uses the offset for the new chips.

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