[realtek] MAC address setting for ether card

Kurt Keville kkeville@MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 4 15:40:00 2002

LOL! Well, like I say, I haven't been keeping track of my old MAC addresses
so temporary ones are preferable. And since I haven't been getting IP
address inheritance, I have been ganging my ifconfigs thusly;

pre-up ifconfig eth0 &&  ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:00:00:00:00:01
up && (etc.)
up ifenslave -e bond0 eth0 eth1

>If you insist on changing the EEPROM data, change the diag program to
>save the original MAC address in an unused section of the EEPROM.  The
>only unused blocks are at offsets 0x2D-2F (45-47) and 0x34-0x3E
>(52-62).  I suggest changing the diag to check if offset 45-47 is zero,
>and if so saving the original 6 byte station address into those three 16
>bit words.
>> I am going to relook at Michael Heldebrant's attempt to put
>> bonding in the /etc/network/interfaces file (the Debian location for
>> ifcfg-bond0) so that I don't need to write any more EEPROMs.
>It should have always been done that way.  There is a software interface
>for this so that you don't have to hack the EEPROM station address.  Bad
>Human! Bad Human!
>> pre-up ifconfig eth0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx up
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