[realtek] Restarting 3Com driver

Wm. G. McGrath wgm@telus.net
Sun Jul 28 20:05:00 2002

Hi all,

The saga continues I guess.

I'm not sure if there isn't an easier way to turn PnP off, but I've
found isapnptools. I've used pnpdump to create a config file
/etc/isapnp.conf that gets read during boot. This file is pretty
much complete by default and all I had to do was tweak it in a few
places to adjust the addresses and irqs. It may not disable PnP, but
at least it allows me to reconfigure the nics.

But as you would expect from Murphy, rebooting using isapnp.conf
caused a fatal error because the cards are already activated by PnP.
So I inserted an (ACT N) command into the file to turn off the
devices before resetting the address on the card and checking them.
This works and rebooting displays messages to stout during boot that
show that the nics have been changed. Fingers crossed.

But Murphy gets his revenge. With the driver turned off, networking
doesn't work, whereas it did before. So how and where can I restart
the 3Com driver. I think it is called 3c509, and I've built it into
the kernel.