[realtek] anyone can help me on using RTL8139C

N Rajkumar V Nagarethinam vnraj@tm.net.my
Sat Jan 19 23:17:00 2002

I am currently working on a project regarding the ethernet networking. I am
trying to establish a  communication link between 2 PCs which are installed
with the realtek RTL 8139C Fast Ethernet Adapter. Instead of working in the
Windows environment, this project will be designed to work in DOS platform.
On top of that, this project will be programmed using the IBM Assembly
	I bought 2 D-link DFE-538TX network cards which is built from the RTL8139C
Fast Ethernet Adapter to implement in my project. I need to directly
accessing the Ethernet adapter using the IBM assembly language to enable the
network card to transmit and receive data packets. I want to know on detail
how to access the RTL8139C adapter and the algorithm for packet transmission
and reception. What i mean is how to access and set the registers related
step by step and which registers are used so that the data can be transmited
or received by the network card without using the driver on the Windows
environment. I already download the data specification and the programming
guide for the RTL8139C adapter, but i think they still cannot help me a lot
because the functional description is too little. I also need the algorithm
on loopback diagnostic for the adapter.
	This is because i already try a lot on accessing the adapter and set the
related registers to transmit and receive a raw data packet but i fail to do
it at last. So, i really need help on what registers are used and which
registers is access first follow by the next registers.
	It would be much appreciated if you, sir could share with me any related
knowledge to work out my project. This is very urgent because i need to
present to my supervisor and the panels. In advance, thanks a lot.

My email : o_c_liang@yahoo.com