[realtek] Re: rtl8139.c and 8139too.c old _BUG_

Roman roman <roman@complex.lviv.ua>
Fri Jan 4 14:39:01 2002

Hello Roman,

Wednesday, January 02, 2002, 6:40:55 PM, you wrote:

R> Hi ALL!!
R> I have (many) Acorp NICs with RTL8139B chip on many computers
R> (k6-2 266 on ali motherboard, celeron 366 on via motherboard ).
R> I've tested 8139too.c (v0.9.15, v0.9.17, v0.9.18, v0.9.22a) and
R> rtl8139.c (v1.12a, v1.13, v1.14, v1.15, v1.16a) and _ALL_ of them have
R> same bug (rtl8139.c v1.07 is good; I didn't get v.1.08 - v.1.11 because
R> I don't know where) with kernels 2.2.16, 2.2.19, 2.4.5, 2.4.17 as
R> modules and compiled into kernel, in 10T and 100TX modes.

R> Over 20% of packets are lost and speed in 100Mbit/s mode was just
R> ~ 900 Kbytes/s.
R> how I can see it (in 10T mode):
to correct it check this:
in rtl_hw_start()
for good work _must_ be something like this (and it was in older versions of driver)
outl((TX_DMA_BURST<<8) | 0x03000000,ioaddr+TxConfig);

I dont know _why_ this magic stuff (0x03000000), but it _MUST_ be.

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