[realtek] Re: problem with dual RTL8139 boards

John A Ogren John.A.Ogren@noaa.gov
Wed Jan 2 15:47:00 2002

> What BIOS are you using, and how old is the motherboard?
> This is *not* an optional part of PCI -- PCI interrupts are level
> based.  Old ISA interrupts were edge triggered, and I've only seen that
> (bogus) BIOS option on the earliest 486-based, pre-standard PCI
> motherboards.

Hmmm, interesting. It's an Award BIOS, and the computer is
about 3 years old. I don't know how old the motherboard design
is, though.

> I thought that you were using two rtl8139 cards?  Both cards will be
> detected by the driver.

I started out that way, but switched one to a tulip card along
the way. Now that I've got the problem figured out and the
cards working right, I don't see much reason to switch back to
the dual rtl8139's. Do you?


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