[realtek] problem with dual RTL8139 boards

Christophe Devriese Christophe.Devriese@student.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed Jan 2 11:04:01 2002

On Thursday 01 January 1970 00:59, you wrote:
> >    ifcfg-eth0  \____ both files are present and identical, except for
> >    ifcfg-eth1  /     IPADDR= and DEVICE= lines.
> >                      One has IPADDR=
> >                      Other has IPADDR=
> >                      My local network is at 192.168.1.x
> > The "good" PCI slot is always assigned to eth1 at bootup.  If I swap the
> > IPADDR values in the two ifcfg-eth? files (and restart the network), I
> > cannot ping machines on the local network.

I think I see the problem here ...

ipadress with netmask will make all adresses 
192.168.1.x accessible by the interface

ipadress with netmask will make all adresses 
192.168.0.x accessible with the interface (and NOT 192.168.1.x) (nothing 
meant for 192.168.1.x will even be sent out on that interface, so if you run 
tcpdump, that will suggest the card doesn't work)

(btw if the card doesn't work, tcpdump will STILL give output in most cases, 
and it will most likely look perfectly normal)

the pci thing you suggest simply determines which card is detected first, and 
so which card gets to be eth0 and work (because of the issue above)

Christophe Devriese