[realtek] need help with RTL8139 driver

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Fri Feb 15 06:24:01 2002

On Thursday 14 February 2002 22:25, Bernardo Diaz stuffed this into my 

Please note that you're on the wrong mailing list. I'll will give you some 
pointers tho'. Anyways, this list concerns the driver for the network card in 
LINUX!!! environments. Something you're not in obviously :-)

First of all, uninstall the software your provider gave you, it's outdated 
and it's NOT going to work on WindowsXP.
There are 2 common ways to setup a connection using ADSL, one is VPN (less 
common), the other PPPoE (more common). Both are supported by WinXP natively 
so you don't need any extra software for that (plus point, explorer now 
recognizes the connection so it can dial-out on it's own). In configuration 
screen/network hit new connection unfortunately I can't lookup the exact 
names now (i'm in xfree86/linux). If it uses VPN, you need to choose business 
connection or something or connection to work, something in those lines and 
choose VPN, if it's PPPoE use new internet connection/cable or something in 
those lines (don't use dial-up). Then enter username n password n stuff and 
it should work. I've used it on cable ISP's here (PPPoE) and my own ADSL 
(VPN) both work fine, it's just not totally clear where you have to be in VPN 
case cuz MS seems to think it's only used for small network, while my ISP 
uses it for internetnetworking as well, so it's in a section (business/work 
connection) you might not expect it to be in.

Anyways, you don't have problems with your network card. If you're not able 
to solve this with the above kinda sucky guidelines call your ISP's helpdesk, 
they should be able to talk you through easily. In case that's expensive, you 
appear to have a working internet connection since you're sending mail, check 
their support page, some ISP's I've seen have really nice guidelines with 
pictures n stuff and it should prove easy to setup if you can follow those.


> Hi,
> I have installed Windows XP to my computer and I have ADSL connection to
> internet. To install the ADSL connection I installed an Ethernet Network
> adapter, Realtek RTL 8139. It works without problem with Windows 98.
> Unfortunately, it didnīt work with Windows XP. I get a message " your
> computer must have an Ethernet network adapter with a TCP/IP bindning. No
> such adapter appears to be present in your system".  Can somebody help me
> to undertand this problem, I really donīt know what to do. Thank you in
> advance
> regards
> Bernardo Diaz
> Stockholm
> Sweden