[realtek] Realtek RTL8139C - 2.4.19 Driver problems

Mike Russell miker_65@myrealbox.com
Thu Dec 5 21:02:01 2002


Im having problems with a Realtek 8139C card in kernel 2.4.19.  The default driver is 8139too when using this driver the performance of the card is extremely poor. Downloading a file off another machine wget reports 25 - 30 k/s. 

I have now tryed the rtl8139 driver this improves the performance to 900k/s - 1.1mb/s.  The odd thing about it is If i unload the rtl8139 driver, then load 8139too driver and start networking again, the card transfers at the full 9.3 - 10 mb/s unitl a reboot.  

The mohterboard in the machine is an Asus CUV4X with a Via Chipset and the Nic does not have a IRQ conflict.

Perhaps the card isnt being initialised properly?