[realtek] Can't sniff with Realtek 8139 in HP ZT1100 series laptop

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Mon Aug 19 20:42:02 2002

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Jason Bowman wrote:
> On Monday 19 August 2002 11:51 am, Donald Becker wrote:
> > On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, Jason Bowman wrote:
> > > I have a realtek 8139 ethernet card built into my HP ZT1100 series
> > > laptop.
> > Can you see the chip to read the part number off of the top?
> I have not opened up in innards of the laptop yet... but I will if you need 
> the information.

The 'lspci -v -n' info should be enough, if we get the right entry.

> [root@waturu jasonb]# lspci -s 00:14.0 -vv
> 00:14.0 Network controller: Harris Semiconductor: Unknown device 3873 (rev 01)

This is likely a PRISM-2+ wireless NIC chip from Harris Semi, not the
rtl8139 chip.

> [root@waturu jasonb]# lspcidrake -v | grep Realtek
> 8139too         : Realtek|RTL-8139 [NETWORK_ETHERNET] (vendor:10ec device:8139 
> subv:103c subd:0020)

The chip revision is important for identify the specific chip.  (The
point of this is to get the right label in the diagnostic program, not
to track down your promisc problem.)

> Heh, I know more about networking than this : )  My Linksys broadband router 
> is a switch, which is why I bought the 4 port hub...

You were attached to a switch, not a repeater.  I could tell from the
negotiated link -- your link partner advertised full duplex.  Use
'mii-diag' to verify this.

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