[realtek] re: 8139 and interface errors

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Mon Aug 19 13:42:01 2002

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Dave Eidson wrote:
> On Monday 19 August 2002 10:52, Donald Becker wrote:
> > > utility, the default setting for connection is "auto".
> > This is the correct setting.
> > What driver version?
> In trying various ways to solve the problem, we compliled and used a number 
> of different kernels and drivers.  I do not have the driver version used with 
> the 2.2.18 kernel

That was very likely a rtl8139 driver.

> however with kernel 2.4.4 the driver version is 0.9.16, 
> and with kernel 2.4.19, version 0.9.25.

Those are the modified "8139too" driver.

Try using the driver set
 ncftp ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/netdrivers.tgz
 tar xfvz netdrivers.tgz
 make install
> However, the errors on eth0 were just as bad when we tried a 3Com 3c905b 
> card early on when we thought the problem was hardware related.

This sounds like a duplex mismatch on the negotiated link.  Try the
updated driver for the 3c905 card as well.

> This looks to me to be something related to the upgraded network programs 
> that are part of the Woody release, and not so much driver/kernel
> related.


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