[realtek] re: 8139 and interface errors

Dave Eidson deidson@bluenorthernsoftware.com
Mon Aug 19 13:07:01 2002

On Monday 19 August 2002 10:52, Donald Becker wrote:

> > utility, the default setting for connection is "auto".
> This is the correct setting.

> What driver version?

In trying various ways to solve the problem, we compliled and used a number 
of different kernels and drivers.  I do not have the driver version used with 
the 2.2.18 kernel, however with kernel 2.4.4 the driver version is 0.9.16,
and with kernel 2.4.19, version 0.9.25.  This being the 8139 drivers.
All drivers are the ones included with the respective kernels.
However, the errors on eth0 were just as bad when we tried a 3Com 3c905b 
card early on when we thought the problem was hardware related.  
This looks to me to be something related to the upgraded network programs 
that are part of the Woody release, and not so much driver/kernel related.
A couple more of the Potato machines are tenatively scheduled to be upgraded
to Woody later this week.  I know that at least one of them has one of the 
Allied Telesyn cards, the other, I'm not sure of yet.  It appears that all 
the machines we're dealing with have either the Allied 8139's or 3Com 
3c905b's.  So far we haven't upgraded a machine with a 3Com, just tried
swapping an 8139 for a 3c905b for testing.  Thanks for your attention!