[realtek] rtl8139

VEGETA2000 VEGETA2000@terra.es
Thu Aug 1 18:50:01 2002

Hi, I got a local network with just two machines, one of which has a 
Realtek 8029 and the other one has a Realtek 8139.
I installed Debian 2.2 (kernel 2.2) on both computers, and when asked 
about the net modules i used the dummy one for the 8029 and the 
rtl8139 for the 8139. Soon afterwards I modified the /etc/modules in 
the computer with the 8029 and erased "dummy" and wrote "ne2k-pci", 
cuz i was told that was the right module, and it looked as if it was 
cuz it now says on the boot it finds a Realtek 8029. The problem is on 
the other machine. It has never worked. My problem is that when it 
configures the network on the boot, the light on the ethernet card 
automatically disappears while in the 8029 stands on. I've tested 
other modules, but, for example 8139too sends an error (i suppose it's 
because of the old kernel). I don't know what to do, my lan is a point-
to-point one, i just connect with the appropiate cable the two cards.