[realtek] rtl8139 on 2.0.32 kernel

Girish Kamath girishkm@jataayusoft.com
Tue Apr 23 06:21:00 2002

Hi All,

I am trying to have RTL 8139 card on RH 5.0 running kernel 2.0.32
I need only this version of the kernel for very specific reason.
Linux did not install the driver during installation, so i had to 
manually download
and install the driver.
I successfully compiled the driver and did a
insmod pci-scan
insmod rtl8139
My ETH0 interface is up and i can do a self ping. But Iam *not* able to ping
other linux boxes on the net.
If i install RH 6.2 on the same server, the card is recognized and 
works well.
Can some one pls give me pointers to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,