[realtek] problems using 2 cards with rtl8139

Sebastian Frankfurt sf@infesto.de
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 09:32:18 +0200

Donald R. Laster Jr. wrote:


>   Double check your IP addresses assigned to the ethernet
> interfaces.  It almost sounds like both interfaces are using the
> same IP address which might present a problem.

yeah, I checked it:


Even if I shutdown eth1, this machine is not reachable :-(

>   Is "alias eth1 rtl9139" a typo?

well, sorry, was a typo. inside /etc/modules.conf is:

alias eth1 rtl8139

any other idea?

maybe it has something to do with another problem?
If I do not use a direct x-cable to connect to
this machine, the realtek card also does not respond
and gets unreachable.
Only when I use a x-cable the adaptor will work.
And again, If the card will not work, I receive
no messages.
But in syslog I see, that the card is only in
half-duplex mode. This happens only, if I do not
use a x-cable und plug the machine into a hub.

thanx in advance