[realtek] Problems with Zonet 1200 CARDBUS CARD..

Daniel Rovaniemi daro@d1.nu
Tue, 11 Sep 2001 14:10:46 +0200

    I Have tried to compile te realtek_cb module with the rtl8139.c
source but failed.
Then I tried the 8139too.c code that came with the kernel and it
compiled but complained about unused fuctions.
Copied the file to the pcmcia kernel drivers katalog and ran depmod.
Edited the pcmcia config file and adde the lines for the card.
When I insert the card the module dosen\t load, it reports an error...

"unresolved symbol synchronize_irq"

I use the stock kernel from Slackware 8.0  it\s  version 2.4.5