[realtek] rtl8139 and UltraSparc 5

Marcelo Roccasalva marcelo-rtl@ucongreso.edu.ar
Mon, 3 Sep 2001 16:02:43 -0300


I'm trying to use a rtl8139 in an UltraSparc 5 with little success... I have
RedHat 6.2 installed, using the stock kernel 2.2.19 rpm (64 bits).

My dmesg told me about latency=0 so I tried several values, 255 being the
better, but when I ifup eth1, I get no more than 10 pings ok, and the iface
gets silent. With short latencies (<64) I get "packet too big" messages. I
don't have any MAC address problems...

Is there any kind of BIOS issues with this hardware or something I must know