[realtek] cause of errors

Nikolai Vladychevski niko@isl.net.mx
Fri Nov 9 18:17:01 2001


I have 2 realtek NICs on my firewall and I noted that using them at 100 
MBits Full Duplex a lot of "errors" appears in ifconfig output when 
transfering large files, like  500 errors after transfering 20 MB of data. I 
tested the firewall on another network and the errors do not disappear. On 
low traffic (like ping packets) errors are not present. With a 10 Mbits or 
100 Mbit half duplex it works ok on any network. 

I would like to know, what could be the cause of geting so much errors with 
full duplex at 100 Mbits and what could be wrong? Is it the cable or the 
network card or the driver ? 

I use rtl8139too driver with 2.4.7 

Thanks in advance