[realtek] rtl8029 vs full-duplex

thomas . kral thomas.kral@centrum.cz
Fri Nov 2 15:26:02 2001

> Hmmm, what driver version are you using?  It should set the full duplex
> bit.  Check the source code comments to verify that it does.

ne2k-pci.c: v1.02 for Linux 2.2, 10/19/2000

line 405: 
if (chip_idx < MAX_UNITS) {
                if (full_duplex[chip_idx]  ||  (options[chip_idx] & 
                        ei_status.ne2k_flags |= FORCE_FDX;

line 432:
 /* Set full duplex for the chips that we know about. */
        if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & FORCE_FDX) {
                long ioaddr = dev->base_addr;
                if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & REALTEK_FDX) {
                        outb(0xC0 + E8390_NODMA, ioaddr + NE_CMD); /* 
Page 3 */
                        outb(inb(ioaddr + 0x20) | 0x80, ioaddr + 0x20);
                } else if (ei_status.ne2k_flags & HOLTEK_FDX)
                        outb(inb(ioaddr + 0x20) | 0x80, ioaddr + 0x20);

It says at the beginning..
 Issues remaining:
        People are making PCI ne2000 clones! Oh the horror, the 
        Limited full-duplex support.

Which is probably my case, my card is called 'PLANET' whatever, possibly 
another clone.

Anyway I should probably be happy with I got, 128k downstream over a 
cable modem, no errors almost no collisions, though half-duplex. Perhaps 
half-duplex is auto negotiated, and is not possible over a cable?

Sorry, I am quite new to this.

Thanx anyway.