[realtek] de4x5.o OR tulip.o

Peter Szmrecsanyi g126@bham-eee-fs4.bham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 1 06:19:01 2001

Hello again,

I have just realized that I have a Accion EN1201 NIC in my Linux box which
is currently using the "de4x5.o" driver (v. 0.544). This use the DEC DC21142
(rev 48) chip which is also supported by the "tulip.o" driver written by
Donald Becker. What are the differences between these two drivers (which one
is 'better')? My current driver (the "de4x5.o") seems to be working fine,
would I benefit by swapping over to the "tulip.o" driver?

Thanks again for your time,

Peter Szmrecsanyi.