[realtek] Computers Reboots...

Peter Szmrecsanyi g126@bham-eee-fs4.bham.ac.uk
Thu Nov 1 05:22:01 2001


Yesterday my Linux box crashed and rebooted for what seemed to be no reason.
I've been subscriber of this mailing list now for over a year now and I
distinctfully remember seeing messages that mentioned Linux machines using
RTL8139 NICs rebooting under heavy network load (using driver version 1.11
if my memory servers me right) fro apparently no reason.

Now, I am aware that I should first check the archives before e-mailing a
problem to the list, I have done this and found that there are no messages
which outline such problems whilst running my current driver version (1.15).

I'm running RH 7.0 on a P90 with 32MB RAM. I have two NIC's a RTL8139C and a
DEC4X5, the RTL NIC is connected to a cable modem and the DEC NIC to the
local LAN. In case it's not obvious, this machine is working as a gateway
using IP masq. The RTL driver version id 1.15.

I don't think a cable internet connection can be classified as heavy load so
does anyone know why the NIC caused the PC to crash? Anyone have the same
problem and have managed to fix it?

Note that I'm not sure if it was infact the RTL NIC that caused the PC to
reboot but I can't think of anything else that might have done it, so any
help on tracking the problem down would also be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Peter Szmrecsanyi.