[realtek] D-Link driver compile

Wm. G. McGrath wgm@telus.net
Fri, 18 May 2001 01:36:47 -0700

Howdy all,

And many thanks to those who provided assistance on the D-Link driver
issue. I have indeed RTFM and successfully compiled the driver
rtl8139.o from v1.13 of the rtl8139.c file on www.scyld.com. 

I have been able to install the module to
/lib/modules/2.2.14/net/rtl8139.o as recommended, however attempts to
test the module using 'insmod rtl8139.o' have generated the error

rtl8139.o: unresolved symbol pci_drv_unregister
rtl8139.o: unresolved symbol pci_drv_register

What might these mean? The machine upon which the compile was done
does not (yet) have any ethernet cards installed/detected? Are they
relevant/pointing to that?


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